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Why Vacuuming Is Important In Maintenance between Carpet Cleaning Intervals

Why Vacuuming Is Important In Maintenance between Carpet Cleaning Intervals

Your carpets are important to you and you want them to last a long time. One way to increase the life of your carpets is to simply vacuum them on a regular basis. Here’s why you want to vacuum your carpets regularly.

Keep Away Ground in Dirt

If you don’t vacuum often, the dirt can get ground into the carpets and this makes them harder to clean the next time you have a carpet cleaning done. You want to vacuum the dirt off your carpets as much as possible to keep dirt from attaching to the carpet fibers and getting ground into the fibers over time. It will be harder to get the carpets clean if there’s too much ground in dirt which also promotes discoloration of the carpets too.

Removes Other Debris

Pet hairs, dead skin cells, and other debris can get into your carets as well so you want to ensure that you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. Ideally, this should be a couple of times each week and at least once per week to ensure that your carpets are as clean as possible. You should leave shoes at the door so dirt isn’t tracked into the house and onto the carpets.

Prolongs Carpet Life

By vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis you’ll prolong the life of the carpet as there won’t be as much dirt getting into the fibers of the carpets that you own. A regular vacuum session can keep these carpet fibers looking great which translate into better looking carpets overall. A good vacuum session grooms the fibers, removes the dirt and leaves the carpet looking fresh. By vacuuming you’ll also remove loose carpet […]

St Albans Where Sunburst Lives & Works

St. Albans is a city in the area of Hertfordshire, England, which is considered the primary urban area in the City and District of St. Albans. St. Albans is today considered a market town and is well known for its unique and interesting historic past.

A Brief History

The area that is now known as St. Albans has a rich and long history. The first known settlers of the area where the Catuvellauni tribe, which settled towards the western area of the modern city of St. Albans. When the Romans invaded and settled the area, they built their own city–Verulamium–alongside the original Celtic settlement. The Roman city was located much closer to the modern city center of St. Albans, and like most modern Roman cities, contained grid mapped streets, public bath houses, temples and a theater. When the Romans left the city, it became known as Verlamchester, a variation on its prior Roman name.

Tradition tells us that Saint Alban, the very first Christian martyr that was British-born, was beheaded in the city which eventually became St. Albans. The St. Alban’s Abbey is supposed to have been built on he very spot that Saint Alban was executed. The original Abbey was eventually converted into a cathedral in 1877, when the City Charter of St. Albans was agreed upon.

The current cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the city, along with the St Albans School. The school was first founded in 948 AD and boasts, among its many students, Pope Adrian IV. The school is located on one of the most historic roads of the city, called Abbey Mill Lane. This road lies between the Abbey and the School, and contains various old buildings such as the palaces […]

Carpet Cleaning In St Albans

Carpet Cleaning St Albans Helps Carpets Last a Long Time, Look Beautiful

Most homes and businesses have some type of carpeting on the floors. If you own carpeting, then it must be cleaned periodically if you want to keep it properly maintained and looking good. Proper cleaning by Carpet Cleaning St Albans commercial cleaners can do the job and ensure that your carpeting is kept clean, neat and good smelling with periodic scheduled cleaning. Here is some information on carpet cleaning and how it is done:

What Does Carpet Cleaning Do?

Carpet Cleaning St Albans ensures that the floors in your building are kept properly maintained and properly cleaned. Commercial cleaners know exactly how to clean all kinds of carpet, no matter what material it is made of. It’s best to deal with commercial carpet cleaners, especially if you have a business so that it is clean for your customers. This is vital because all businesses want their clients to have a good impression when they walk into the door so that they will stay and buy something.

Caring appropriately for your carpets helps to make them last longer. There are a few things you can do to help your carpet stay clean longer in-between commercial carpet cleaning by Carpet Cleaning St Albans commercial cleaners. If you vacuum every day and spot clean up issues like spots and stains when they first occur, it will help make it easier for the commercial cleaners to do a good job cleaning your rugs.

Ways Commercial Carpet Cleaners St Albans Work

First, carpet cleaners usually come and look over the property to be cleaned or at least ask you things like the square footage of the area to be cleaned. A good commercial carpet cleaner asks about special issues […]

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

The first point to bear in mind is that not all stains can be completely removed from some carpet types.

The success of complete removal of a stain on a carpet will depend on the following factors:

Type material used to manufacture the carpet
Stains on wool based carpets are generally harder to remove
Stains on synthetic carpets are generally easier to remove
The age of stain
Older stains are harder to remove as they become “set”
Whether the householder has used a carpet cleaning product on the stain
Type of stain

In reality carpet stain removal should be termed as carpet stain “attempted” removal as complete removal of stains can never be fully guaranteed. The chance of success can be greatly increased if the stain is dealt with promptly and the technicians doing the work are trained and confident in all aspects of stain removal techniques. Employing someone that is not fully trained can result in a poor job at best and ruin your carpet beyond repair at worst.

Sunburst carpet cleaning technicians have undergone specialist stain removal techniques and have been trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

Carpet Cleaning For Health Reasons Part 2

Following on from a previous article about carpet cleaning for hygienic reasons we have another article about cleaning for health reasons

There are many reasons as to why people clean the carpets of their homes and business. Perhaps the main reason is to improve the aesthetics of the property. However, did you know that carpet cleaning is about so much more than ‘good looks’? In fact, proper carpet cleaning may actually benefit your health. Let me explain.

Contrary to popular belief, the air inside of your home is a great deal more ‘polluted’ than the air outside. Just think here. The majority of people spend most of their time indoors. This means that they are spreading all sorts of bacteria. This bacterium is not just disappearing. After floating around for a little it is falling to the floor. It then becomes trapped within the fibres of the carpet. The problem is, this bacterium is incredibly difficult to remove. It latches on so tightly that even the most powerful vacuum cleaner will struggle to remove it. This bacterium will eventually become agitated enough that it will be released into the air once more. People will then breathe it in. This has the potential to cause them to become sick. To give you an idea of how long bacteria remains in the carpet for; a recent study has indicated that the norovirus (i.e. the common stomach flu) can stay latched onto the carpet for up to a month. It will be constantly multiplying during this time which means that it will technically be present for much longer. This is not going to be ideal.

It is not just about bacteria either. The most common allergy is related to ‘dust’. This […]

Truth Or Myth: Carpets Aggravate Allergy Symptoms

It is a commonly held belief that carpets aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms – but, is this really true? An increasing body of evidence now suggests that just the opposite may be the case! Carpets aggravating allergy symptoms is just a long-held health myth – dirty carpets are, however, a different story! Getting your carpets cleaned is not only good for the carpets and the appearance of your home, but your health also!


For years, doctors advised their patients suffering from allergies to get rid of carpeting in their homes for health reasons. Because of the alleged connection between carpets and allergy and asthma attacks, the Swiss government gave orders to remove all the carpets from the government buildings and public institutions. Are carpets to blame for allergy and asthma flare-ups?


Indeed, carpets can act as a trap for airborne dust particles in your home, including pollutants and allergens. These particles will float in the air before gravity makes them settle in your carpets, where they can be easily vacuumed out and otherwise cleaned. However, a carpet itself does not cause allergy or asthma symptoms to aggravate, rather – it is the unsettled airborne particles that cause these ailments.


The connection made years ago between carpets and allergies is an unfortunate one. Carpets can even help you in reducing the symptoms of asthma and allergy, by filtering the allergens from the indoor air, and trapping them in and around their fibers. It can be argued convincingly that having carpets in your home actually contributes to the better indoor air quality!


Every step on the carpet sends the allergens back into the air. To prevent the particles trapped in your carpets to become airborne again, and thus cause the indoor […]

How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Are you looking to hire a carpet cleaning company? There are several things you should keep in mind before you hire a service to clean your carpets.


You should start off with an Internet search in your local area to find out more about the various services out there. You can make a list of several services and then visit their websites to find out more about the companies. You want to look for a service that has a good website with plenty of helpful information. If the service just has a one page website with little information, you want to search someplace else. If there’s no attention to detail on the website, there’s no attention to detail in the service that they are offering you.


Look for a service that has been cleaning carpets for a long period of time. It’s best to go with a professional service that has been working in the local area for several years. These services that the experience you need and you can trust them to do a good job with your carpets. Good professional companies have all the latest equipment and they may use various carpet cleaning methods to get your carpets as clean as possible. The good ones can deal with all sorts of problematic stains and get your carpets looking great.


Try to get some good references from the company before you hire them. You want to search out these references and find out what they had to say about the carpet cleaning company before you hire the service. Sometimes you can do this with a word of mouth testimonial from someone you know in your local area and this is often the best option. You should visit […]

Carpet Cleaning for Hygienic Reasons

Carpet Cleaning for Hygienic Reasons
do you think that your carpet is clean?

You might think that vacuuming your carpet every once in a while—or for some of us, frantically vacuuming just before guests arrive—is enough to make sure that your carpet is nice and clean. While vacuuming is an important part of  your carpet, even regular vacuuming just isn’t enough to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Think about the “daily life” of your carpet. People probably walk across your carpet wearing shoes, tracking in everything from dust and dirt to bugs or even chemicals picked up from walking across treated grass or pavement. Even walking around in your socks or bare feet doesn’t spare your carpet from accumulating dead skin cells, sweat, or—if you have pets—urine or fecal waste. Dirt, bacteria, bugs, skin cells, urine—all of this and more can become embedded and compacted deep into your carpet fibers, and no amount of vacuuming will get rid of them.

The solution to this problem? Regular carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for the cleanliness of your carpet and, more importantly, the health of you and your family. A carpet cleaner will be able to reach deep into your carpet and eliminate embedded or compacted bacteria, dirt, etc.—leaving you with a clean carpet and a healthier and happier home. You could consider hiring a carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpets yourself. These machines will clean the carpets better than vacuuming but will not get the same deep clean reults that using a trained professional carpet cleaner brings Your home may be exceptionally busy (multiple kids, multiple pets, frequent tracking in of dirt, etc.) you may want to consider using the services of a professional carpet cleaning company […]