How We Deep Clean

Our Method of Carpet Cleaning

At Sunburst, customer satisfaction is priority one. That's why our carpet cleaning methods employ several key steps, both before and during the cleaning process, to ensure optimum results.

1. Inspection & Testing

To ensure we use cleaning solutions appropriate to your carpet's construction, we test to ascertain the type of fibres used to make the carpet, as well as testing for colour fastness and colour bleed on patterned carpets.


To separate the carpet pile and remove as much dry soilage as possible, we thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a separate commercial vacuum cleaner, or use our state-of-the-art, van-mounted carpet cleaning machine. Extracting dust and grit prevents it from becoming a muddy residue when we begin the cleaning process.

3. Treat Stains

Prior to beginning the hot-water extraction cleaning, we identify stains and treat them with specialised professional stain removers.

4. Spray Pre-treatment

We use a specially formulated cleaning solution to dissolve greasy soils on high traffic and/or highly soiled areas. The pre-treatment spray is left to dwell on the carpet fibres to break down soilage and dirt.

5. Machine Agitation

If the carpet is badly soiled we use a machine with an agitation brush to work the pre-spray deep into carpet fibres to further aid in dissolving soilage.

6. Hot-water Extraction Cleaning

Only now do we use our powerful machine to remove the soilage we have broken down in the above steps and extract the cleaning solutions applied to the carpet.

7. Aiding Drying

If needed, we provide a powerful air dryer to hasten the drying of the carpet.

8. Realign Pile

We use a brush to fluff up the pile a little and leave the pile aligned.

Overall, we leave your carpet looking great! Our machines and the cleaning solutions we use are far superior to any machine you can hire, or the chemicals supplied with it. DIY carpet cleaning is hard work — let our trained technicians do the work, and you enjoy the professional results.

Please call if you would like more details on the machinery we use or our carpet cleaning methods.