Cleaning may lessen the the look of indentations but may not remove deep ones where heavy items have been left on the carpet. The carpet pile is crushed and also the underlay can be crushed down wich means cleaning will not revitalize the crushed carpet.

The chances of removing a red wine stain is very good with the right technique and training. Complete removal can depend on age of stain and if the stain has been pre treated with a stain remover from a supermarket such as 1001 or vanish. Please call for free advice.

No, Not usually. We try to keep our cleaning at a fair and reasonable price for the customer and for us to make a living. Quoting takes time, we have developed a pricing structure that is clear and honest. If when we arrive at you house we think that we will not be able to clean your carpets to your expectations we will explain why and will happily leave without charge if you decide not to go ahead. For example a customer had indentations from heavy furniture and was selling her house, her principle reason for carpet cleaning was to get rid of the indentations. The furnitures weight has crushed the carpet and underlay that no amount of cleaning would get out. We were happy to explain this and leave without any charge since the lady would not have achieved from the cleaning what she wanted. The customer subsequently used us to clean her new home when she moved as she liked our approach to customer service.

Absolutely! This is how we make a living, pay the mortgage and get the kids ice cream! We want to continue to build a local business and that means we naturally respect both our customers and their property and are naturally cheerful.

We move furniture if it is safe to do so and that it is light enough to move. We ask that all small items where possible are removed from the rooms being cleaned. We are as helpful as we can be!

We will work around, under and move the bed as much as possible to get as much of the carpet as we possibly can. Divans if stripped of bed clothes and light enough can be put side up while cleaning for instance. Some heavy, large beds we simply cant move but we do our very best to move them if we can or to use tools to get under them if possible.

We are always careful while on customers property but we ask that ornaments and other small items are removed from the rooms we are cleaning.

Generally no. Unless its easy to move and there are not lots of wires. We will move it if we think its safe to do so and all equipment is un plugged.

We are fully trained in attempted stain removal techniques so would stand as good a chance as any carpet cleaner. We have had great success in removing coffee spills but it depends on many factors like carpet construction, age of stain, whether you have attempted to remove the stain previously.

No, unfortunately we cannot. No carpet cleaner can. There are many variables that will make a stain permanent. We have attended specialist stain removal courses at the National Carpet Cleaners Association head quarters and are fully trained in advanced stain removal techniques. We are experienced in the attempted removal of stains but factors such as previous removal efforts, age of satin and carpet fibre type can impact greatly on full success of stain removal. We can advise and sometimes carry out tests to ascertain the likelihood of a stain not being removed completely before we commence cleaning. We carry a comprehensive range of specialist stain removal chemicals to give us the best chance with the complete removal of a stain.

We have in past experience had good success with the following stains:

Red Wine
Blue Tack

Some things on a wool carpet for example can be impossible to get out like:

Curry satins, turmeric is a dye and can dye the carpet fibres
Furniture dye
Fake tan

If you have a stain then give us a call for free advice.

Maybe! Depends on what has gone wrong, if you have over wet it then we can dry it out, if you have left streaks or missed bits we can usually re clean and sort out the problem. If you have bleached the carpet trying to remove stains then call a carpet fitter, we cant put colour back into a carpet! Give us a call and we will give free advice.

Yes it will. Our machines are more careful and extract more moisture as well as more dirt from the carpet fibres. We are also trained to not over wet the carpet and use spotters that work rather than wetting and scrubbing which is the temptation if you are not getting the results you want.

Yes they are! Our cleaning solutions are specialist solutions for different problems and levels of grime on carpets. We carry a multitude of spotters and solutions designed for different types of carpets. Hire machines come with a “one size fits all” chemical or stain remover.

It makes sense to have your carpets cleaned by a professional company so you know the job is done properly. You could hire a machine but carpet cleaning is hard work and the time consuming without proper professional equipment and knowledge.

We are not here to slate hire machines but the truth is they are not as powerful or as efficient in rinsing out your carpet as our machinery. The vacuum motors are less powerful than the type used in our modern, state of the art cleaning machines. As a result of poor vacuum performance in comparison, the water pressure used to agitate and rinse the carpet fibres is less than our modern machines, if the pump was more powerful you would be left with a wet carpet if the hire machine had better rinsing and a more powerful pump.

Yes. We have treatment insurance which means the items we are cleaning are insured while we are working on them including carpets and upholstery.

Yes we can. We can email you our insurance certificates prior to our comming to clean your carpets or we can bring them along with us.

Yes we are FULLY insured. We have public liability insurance. The carpets or upholstery we are cleaning is also insured. This is known as treatment risk insurance.